Find Your Fairytale exists because every woman has the right to an epic love story and an extraordinary life.

I believe that you're meant for the love life of your dreams and that now is the time to make it happen (instead of waiting FOR FOREVER for MR. Right to show up).



Irresistible in 90 Days

by Jamie DeMarco

Become so irresistible, that the Mr. Right's are lining up at your Prada heels (and are ready to commit!).

Irresistible in 90 Days is a program designed for you - the incredible woman who's ready to take a stand and get the love life of her dreams once and for all.

You’re ready to have the relationship you’ve been dreaming about with the man you can’t live without – and become absolutely irresistible in the process.

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Jamie’s radiant spirit, contagious energy, and abundant insight on dating and relationships have drastically impacted many areas of my life. Jamie’s effective and strategic approach in this field enabled me to recognize my own self-worth, reprogram negative thought patterns, and ultimately land the relationship of my dreams! In just 3 short months, Jamie was able to help me accomplish what YEARS of therapy could not!

I am forever grateful to Jamie for instilling in me the importance of never settling or lowering my standards for less than what I deserve, providing me with the fundamentals to have and maintain a healthy and loving relationship, and ultimately restoring my soul. I firmly believe that in electing Jamie as a coach, it is impossible to fail. The rewards, benefits, and successes are truly endless!
— Kathryn G.


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Jamie has such amazing, vibrant energy. She definitely has a lot of wisdom about having healthy relationships. I enjoyed sharing stories about love and life with her- we had some good laughs, and I might have had a few tears. She inspired me to keep moving forward in becoming the best version of myself. I know exactly what I need to do in order to attract the right person for me. I can’t wait for our next call. Thank you so much!
— Kate P.