How incredible would it be to constantly meet amazing, quality men that ALSO want to commit to you?

What if you could finally get your epic love story (you know, the one that you’re pretty sure isn’t possible)?

What if you were so confident and irresistible, you had your pick of any man in the room (or dating site)? It'd feel amazing, right?!

All of this is possible for you, and it doesn’t need to take years to get to that point.


Just take a look at my epic love story timeline:

September 23rd 2012 – I was finally at the top of my game – confident, happy, and started at an amazing company I was incredibly passionate about and lucky to work for – not to mention, very desired by men!

October 12th 2012 – I accidentally sat in Matt’s seat at a bar.

October 17th 2012 – Our first date – We talked for four hours straight. (We were so engrossed in each other, we forgot to eat dinner!)

October 27th 2012 – Our third date – We both knew; this was “The One”. (Of course we didn’t say it then!)

November 30th 2012 – Matt asked me to be his girlfriend.

December 23rd 2012 – I love you’s were exchanged.

Christmas-Valentines Day – I was at his place more than mine.

April 2013 – We moved in together and had a place to call our own.

June 2013 – Matt asked if I wanted to start looking at rings. (Um, YES! Hello!!!)


What’s the point of sharing my personal story? I want you to know how fast starting a life with the man of your dreams can happen.

I went from single to shopping for engagement rings (with my dream man!) in just 9 months.

I believe your dream love life exists for a reason. I know mine did! Heck, my life now is actually BETTER than what I dreamt about.


Here’s the thing.

Your dream love life isn’t just going to magically happen one day.


In fact, it'll never happen unless you take the steps to be ready for it. It’s a harsh truth, but Mr. Right isn’t just going to show up at your doorstep, carry you over a puddle and solve all of your problems. (Though, that would be a super cute “How We Met” story.)

Believe it or not, your love life is something that requires time, work, and commitment BEFORE you get the fairytale ending. (even before you meet Mr. Right!)

 It’s just like getting a college degree – you have to put in the work before you’re handed the shiny diploma that everyone wants (but not many people put in the effort to get).

“But Jamie, I’m not sure how to put in the work to get the love life I want!”

Don't fear! I've got you covered.