Woo! Happy 2017, Beautiful!

One thing I love about the New Year is that it’s an opportunity for a fresh start – in SO many ways!

A New Year also means many ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. And people set all kinds of resolutions – to lose weight, find a career they love, to travel more, to finally find a great relationship…I could go on and on.

The thing is though, I kind of hate resolutions.

To me, resolutions are typically vague goals that aren’t backed up with any specific actions or plans. And, vague goals = vague results. (Here’s to (almost) committing to losing 10 pounds!…but then curling up on your couch with a bottle of wine and The Bachelor instead… #guilty.)
But when it comes to finding love, a common belief is that “it will happen when it’s meant to be”. Meaning, you basically have no control over your love life. And that couldn’t be more untrue!

You absolutely CAN take simple steps to not only draw more love into your life, but to also help draw true love and an amazing relationship to you FASTER.
Most women want love. To find love. To have a better relationship. To be so unconditionally loved and cherished that they couldn’t possibly feel anymore happy.

And that’s all a great wish – but what many women don’t realize is that you’ll never receive that kind of love from a man until you fall in love with YOURSELF first.

The harsh truth is: No quality, secure, relationship-ready man will ever fall for a woman who isn’t also secure, confident, and whom loves herself completely.

Because hey, if you aren’t in love with YOU, why would anyone else be??
Self-love, confidence, and knowing your own worth aren’t the easiest things to just magically gain, but it’s IMPARITIVE that loving yourself (weird quirks and all) become your #1 priority in 2017 if you aren’t currently happy with the status of your love life.

Lucky for you, I’m spilling some of my top self-love tips that have helped me become the incredible, confident, high-value woman I am today.
Psst – I do most of things daily. Yes! Daily!

  1. Meditate. I got into meditation a few years ago and I LOVE it. It’s seriously changes my energy, lessens anxiety, and flips my entire mood around almost instantly. Guided Meditations are great for people that can’t just sit there in silence (like me, ha!). To get started: on You Tube, search “Guided Meditation for ______ (Insert what you want to gain or lessen – such as stress, healing, sleep, etc.) and voila! You can also check out my You Tube “Liked” Videos for some of my favorite meditations HERE.
  2. Visualization. Before I get out of bed, I visualize exactly how I want my ideal day to go. (For example: “I’ll have an amazing workout and feel invigorated, have immense clarity while working on my project this afternoon, radiate positivity all day, and have a fabulous, loving time on my date tonight!) The key here is: you always need to focus on the good, positive things you want to happen in your day (not the negative!).
  3. Affirmations. Your negative self-talk is 100% what’s killing your self-love and confidence, and saying loving, uplifting affirmations is the quickest way to fix that. I tell myself how amazing I am all day, every day! ;) Okay half kidding, but I do have daily reminders on my phone that make me feel incredible when they pop up. (Phrases such as, “I am beautiful”, “I am super successful”, “My ideal relationship is on its way to me”, etc. are all great places to start.)
  4. Journal. Anywhere from once a week to multiple times a day, I break out my journal. Journaling is FANTASTIC for helping you work out some of your stressors or sticky situations, for relieving anxiety, coming up with a plan of action, brainstorming – you name it!
  5. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do - just for you. This one may not be daily, but it will TOTALLY make you feel invigorated, independent, sexy, and more confident. (And hello! Those traits are all very attractive to high-quality men!) Journal about it, but you could do things like: hike to the top of a mountain, take a painting lesson, learn yoga, enroll in an interesting class, book a sporadic weekend trip, etc.).
It’s not easy (or possible) to be in a constant state of peace, happiness and positivity, but implementing the above tips into your day (even if it’s just for a few minutes!) makes a MASSIVE difference in how you’ll feel, how you’ll come across, and the type of people and things you’ll attract.

And ultimately, if you want to find love or a better relationship this year, coming from a place of love, gratitude and positivity first (i.e., before you find what you really want!) is essential.
No one likes spending time with a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy who’s always complaining about men, or their terrible job, or how sucky their lives are, right?!

Well, guess what? Men don’t like hanging out with those women either. And high-quality men definitely won’t be wasting time with those types of women – let alone fall in love with a complainer or someone who’s waiting for a man to solve all of their problems.

Those top, quality, total-package guys (that everyone wants) are already in a great place in their lives, and are looking for women that are secure, see their own value, and that are also in a great place in their own lives. (Ahem, women who LOVE themselves…)

So, do you want to have a real shot at changing your love life this year? Start with Self-Love. Implement my tips above. Those self-love practices have not only drastically changed my life, they’re still life changing every single day.

Try it. I promise, you won’t regret it. :)

Lots of (self) love,
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