Hi Lovely!

If you're like most of my clients (and like most women), you probably want to find a good man that cherishes you, fights for you, and commits to you wholeheartedly. 

You'd love to be with someone that plans special dates for you, surprises you (in a good way...), and constantly tries to impress you and win you over.

And having a loving, loyal, communicative relationship where you're both head over heels for each other would just be the icing on the cake.

I mean, that sounds amazing right?!

All of that IS possible to have (trust me, I have it!), but what most women don't realize is that it's actually THE WOMAN'S job to make sure that she gets everything she wants out of a relationship. 

I'll say that again:

It's YOUR job to make sure that you get everything you want out a relationship (not his!).

YOU need to set the standards of what you expect, what you want, what you will and won't tolerate and exactly how you'd like to be treated from the beginning of a relationship. And, you need to keep setting your expectations throughout.

Ladies, men want to make you happy. They want to please you. The top quality guys will put in the effort to woo you, impress you, and win you over, but you need to tell them what that looks like first!

As much as we'd like to think so, men aren't mind readers. They can't give us what we want, hope for, or know how we expect them to treat us until we tell them.

Getting and keeping the relationship of your dreams starts with setting high(er) standards. And in my latest video, I tell you exactly how to start doing that.

Go land that top quality man, beautiful.

You've got this!

xx Jamie