Dear Lovely,

Ah, the world of online dating. It's true that dating total strangers can be disastrous and depressing, but believe it or not, some incredible relationships and marriages have come from online dating sites.

Even though there are high-quality men ready to meet amazing women (like you!) on those sites, many women make big mistakes that leave them missing out on potential relationships.

And I would know. Because - I was one of those women.


Little did I know that my (now) sexy, smart, and secure husband crafted a beautiful email to me on OkCupid - only to hit send (hey, it's scary to be vulnerable and reach out to people we're attracted to - even for men!) and receive a flashing red error message that read:

"You are outside of this user's filter requirements.
Message blocked from user."


I know, I know. It's a bit mortifying now (and kind of funny), but I just couldn't believe it when he told me this story! Luckily, we met in person a few months later when I accidentally stole his seat at a bar (phew!) - but could you imagine?

What if I NEVER met my husband because of my limiting beliefs about what I thought I wanted at the time?

We've all heard stories of people finding their match and exclaiming, "He was totally unexpected!", or "He was different than my usual type", or "Thank goodness I gave him a shot because at first I wasn't even interested, and now we're getting married!" (Okay, okay, getting carried away here, but you know what I mean.)


How many great men have YOU missed out on because you decided to only date one type of guy? Or have you too filtered out someone amazing because of height or age or zodiac sign? (Maybe that last one's just me...)

I'm not saying that you should settle for any random guy or stay in a bad relationship, butmany women make the classic mistake of getting wrapped up in a "perfect list" and missing out on a great man in the process. I know I almost did.

I frequently advise women to have a list of desired qualities in a man, but to be open to the unexpected.

You never know how your prince charming will show up in your life - so you need to make sure you're not unintentionally blocking him from sweeping you off your feet. Or bar stool... ;)

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Lots of love,