Meet Matt

Raised in a military family, Matt’s high values of loyalty, service, and dedication have served him extremely well in his professional and personal life. With over twenty years of experience in the highly coveted role of Federal Sales Engineering, Matt has a unique blend of technical knowledge and charisma that makes him the ultimate catch in the database world.

Matt married the love of his life this past May and has been thoroughly enjoying his new found passion of traveling the world with his beautiful wife, Jamie. (She may have had some influence in their excessive amount of travel, but now he loves it – he swears!) 



*Note – Biased. (Duh.)

Matt checks EVERY box of the/my dream man list. Matt is: Confident. Super Successful. Stable. Secure. Hilarious. Strong. Healthy. Ripped. Compassionate. Kind. Extremely intelligent. Light-hearted. Tall. Dedicated. Loyal. Determined. Manly. SEXY. Romantic. Independent. Authentic. Adaptable. Absolutely incredible.

Matt treats me like a princess, but doesn’t ever let me walk all over him.

He can be stubborn and sometimes only focus on one thing (let’s be real, most men do this…), but he fiercely stands up for himself, his family, friends and his beliefs wholeheartedly.

Matt is genuine, extroverted, and the life of the party, but is also the most generous and friendly person I've ever met.

He is extremely dedicated to his career, is a gym and fitness guru, and loves his video games and comic books, but also makes it a priority to spend quality time with me, take me out on date nights multiple nights a week, and plan incredible adventures for the two of us.

Matt makes me feel so special and loved. He’s my rock, my partner, my other half. We completely complement each other; we make the other better, and grow in all aspects of our lives every day.

I’m not going to lie, any guy would be lucky to have me – but I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have HIM.