People will tell you that you can't have it all. You can't have your dream job, dream man, and your dream life. 

I can tell you from experience. They're WRONG. 

My name is Jamie DeMarco, and I'm a Dating and Relationship Coach that's here for you - the woman that's ready to stop dealing with the BS and is ready to finally have her dream relationship with her dream man. 

I'm all about empowering women to stand up for what they want and need in relationships, live on their own terms, and be treated the way they deserve in their love life. 

I know how terrifying it can be to step out on your own and be single, or to actually stand up for what you want in a relationship. 

I get how much it sucks to feel alone and depressed and constantly wonder, "Is something wrong with me?"

I know how frustrating it can be to go on tons of dates but still never find "the one".

I know how it feels to know deep down you are meant for an epic love story, but have absolutely no clue how to get it. 

I also know that it's possible to have everything you've ever wanted in a relationship (HELLO super sexy, intelligent, stable husband!) - but that sadly, most women will never make the changes to get it. 

But I swear, YOU can have that dream relationship. You can have the dream guy. You can have the fairytale. 

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I know it’s early, and I know it sounds completely crazy, but I think he’s The One. He hits on everything I’ve ever dreamed, everything I was afraid to ask The Universe for, and perks on top that I didn’t even know to ask. He is seriously amazing. I would be super suspect if I hadn’t been exposed to all the resources you’ve shared with me. And apparently he is just as grateful to have found me, as I check everything off lists for him as well. We are already talking about the future like it’s a foregone conclusion. It is seriously fantastic.

Thank you. Thank you for your coaching, your support, your guidance. And thank you for further pointing out about chemistry and re-wiring. It made me step back and really look at my feelings (or lack thereof) and where they were coming from. For so much, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! :D
— Ashley S.


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