Become so irresistible, that the Mr. Right's are lining up at your Prada heels (and are ready to commit!).



  • Attract quality men – that you're actually interested in! – and that are ready to commit?
  • Radiate with confidence and positive energy that always gets you noticed (in a good way)?
  • Become "that woman" – the woman that other women admire and men would do anything to get a chance with?
  • Effortlessly squash your self-doubt, banish your insecurities, and increase your confidence tenfold?
  • Open your computer to dozens of new emails, winks and matches daily?
  • Never hear the words "I'm not looking for anything serious" ever again?
  • Feel confident, amazing, and like you’re on top of the world everyday?
  • FINALLY get the relationship you desire?

I'M GOING TO HELP MAKE that your reality. YES, IN 90 DAYS.

Imagine this: It's three months from now. It's basically still the same season. And yet, you're confident man-magnet that has her pick of the hottest men. 

You walk into any room and are "that girl" - the one that you used to envy and all the men seem to flock to.

Your ex's start hitting you up again - and you're blissfully happy rejecting them. (No more questioning if you should give them another chance. You know you're meant for SO much better!)



Friends ask what you're doing differently. 

You have no idea why you didn't do this sooner. 

(But don't worry, everything happens for a reason. This is just the right time for you!)

Basically, in 90 days, you'll be so irresistible that you have to become a pro at turning men down. (Seriously - this is part of my program!)

That's what my coaching does. 


Jamie’s radiant spirit, contagious energy, and abundant insight on dating and relationships have drastically impacted many areas of my life. Jamie’s effective and strategic approach in this field enabled me to recognize my own self-worth, reprogram negative thought patterns, and ultimately land the relationship of my dreams! In just 3 short months, Jamie was able to help me accomplish what YEARS of therapy could not!

I am forever grateful to Jamie for instilling in me the importance of never settling or lowering my standards for less than what I deserve, providing me with the fundamentals to have and maintain a healthy and loving relationship, and ultimately restoring my soul. I firmly believe that in electing Jamie as a coach, it is impossible to fail. The rewards, benefits, and successes are truly endless!
— Kathryn G.


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