A Note from Jamie

Hi Gorgeous,

If you’re anything like me, you know how it feels to want love and a relationship so badly, but not know how to make it finally happen.

The thoughts of “Why isn’t it happening for me?” and “Is something wrong with me?” consume you - it’s all you can think about and even talk about. Your friends are probably sick of hearing you say ‘you’ll never find a good man’ and cry to them about losers you date (that somehow still break your heart).

You’re getting older, and questioning if you should just take what you can get…and that thought destroys you because you could've sworn you were meant for something better. You want the fairytale, the epic love story, the happily ever after…but it’s just NOT happening.

Trust me, I was there. I had plenty moments of: crazy, dramatic, desperate, ridiculous, embarrassing…it wasn’t pretty. I even had a friend tell me I should “chill out”, just take what I could get and be thankful for it…and I almost did. I almost threw in the towel on true love.

Teetering on the edge of self-pity and depression, I made a decision.


No, I am better than “what I’m getting” from men right now. I DO deserve a fairytale, and the kind of love I dream about. I won’t settle for a relationship that's anything less than everything I desire EVER AGAIN.

And guess what. IT HAPPENED.

Seriously, you know the ‘perfect prince charming, epic fairytale romance, super amazing, ridiculously happy life’ that everyone says isn’t possible? I HAVE IT.

And YOU can, too!

Of course it took hard work, but more than hard work, it took self-belief and the willingness to make some big changes in my life.

I did the inner work that’s required to become irresistible (most people forget that part!), and hired a team of coaches to help me become the incredible woman I was always meant to be.

This just goes to show that when a woman feels called for something and believes it’s possible for her, dreams CAN come true.

There’s no need for you waste anymore of your tears or years waiting around for something to happen. You CAN make the changes to set yourself up for that dream romance and marriage. I did it, you can too!

Your desires and goals exist for a reason – because they are meant for you.

Let’s go on this incredible journey together.

I believe in you.


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